Event Booking Help

What are e-tickets?

e-Tickets are a convenient way to access details about the events which you have registered to attend.

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Here's how it works:
  1. When you make an event booking on our site, you will be allocated a unique booking reference that looks similar to 2024-abcd-1234
  2. At the confirmation stage, you can opt to store the booking on your device as an e-ticket
  3. Your e-tickets will appear in a clickable menu list for easy access to your bookings - an easy way to remember your booking reference number
e-tickets are great for storing your bookings on your mobile devices and the computer you regularly use. However as they will be visible to anyone using your web browser, we recommend that you don't enable e-tickets on shared devices and public computers
Storing your booking reference as an e-ticket on your devices allows you to gain quick access to your bookings without having to remember your booking reference. You can see information about your booking, directions to the venue and more. You can also cancel your booking if you are no longer able to attend.
No! An e-ticket simply provides an easy way to save your booking reference for later retrieval on the same device.
Yes! No personal data is actually stored on your device, it just provides an easier way to access the same information you can access by entering your booking reference in the online booking checker. To view any sensitive data you need to be logged on to the site.
Yes! you can store your booking reference as an e-ticket on as many devices as you wish. However, each ticket is only valid once for entry to the event.